Wii Parties – They’re all the rage,attend one this weekend!

Thu, Oct 30, 2008


Wii Party

Ok, so I have had the opportuntiy to work on some very cool projects lately at iGroup. The latest one to launch, Wii Party! We all know the latest gadget to have along with the iPhone obviously is a Wii console. I have to be honest, I don’t own one, but I can definitely see the appeal.

With Wii Party you can host gaming events and share them online. People can join your event and even share with their friends. You can upload images from your party and even win awesome prizes like Wii Consoles, Wii games and other gear.

These guys even give you tips on what to play and what to do on your party, read the extract from the website for a party of 4 players – “Mario Kart Wii is the ideal 4 player game. Make sure each of you have a Wii Remote and Wii Wheel and no one is allergic to the smell of burning tar! Super Smash Bros. Brawl is the ultimate 4 player game – you can compete with 3 player players in order to determine who is the meanest fighting machine. Nothing else is better than a competitive game of Wii Sports – tennis allows up to 4 simultaneous players. Bowling, golf and baseball are also great fun! Try not to pull any muscles while you show every one else who is business. Mario Party 8 allows up to four players to team up in exciting board game and mini-game options”

Check the site out at www.wiiparty.co.za

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