Clients from hell – spot them early

Wed, Dec 17, 2008


Ever had this feeling that the client you are pitching for or busy with is the devil in carnit? Well, we’ve certainly all had our fair share of people buggering us around, the problem? We allow it to happen over and over again without always knowing it.

The markup genius himself Jeffrey Zeldman has no put together a little piece of the 20 most common signs that your client will most definitely be a hand full, not in a good way… I will share with you 5 of the best ones in my opinion, but please see the link below for the full list of 20. And yeah, please add to the list if you have some good ones

My top 5:

1. Client asks who designed your website.

2. Client shows you around the factory, introducing you to all his employees. Then, behind closed doors, tells you: “If you do a bad job with this website, I’m going to have to let these people go.”

3. At meeting to which you have traveled at your own expense, client informs you that he doesn’t have a budget per se, but is open to “trading services.”

4. Client, who manufactures Russian nesting dolls, demands to know how many Russian nesting doll sites you have designed.

5. Client tells you he has conducted a usability study with his wife.

I am sure you are burning for more, so please click here for the full list from Jeffrey Zeldman.

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