Roofus, Snow Blower 2.0 by Michal Glogowski

Wed, Nov 19, 2008


Roofus the Snow Blower

Roofus is the revolutionary snow blower, compactor, eliminator extraordinaire. Roofus features two electric motors, caterpillar tracks, and sensors on each side of its body for navigation. It weighs a little over 100 kilograms and can lift up to 250 kilo’s, wow that is one heavy lifter.

Roofus Snow Blower

Roofus Snow Blower

Never worry about whether the cleaner will be in or about an aching back, Roofus never gets tired and is always willing to help! The best part, it’s remote controlled!


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One Response to “Roofus, Snow Blower 2.0 by Michal Glogowski”

  1. Toro Snow Says:

    Lets cut to the chase. This snow thrower has ballz. I used it for the first time today, i live in Wisconsin where we get plenty of snow, and the it ran like a champ. Despite its size it can throw snow as well as a larger snow blower. However the snow chute can and WILL plug up when throwing very WET slushy snow. As the augers suck in snow it will help pull the machine so the operator does’nt need to push very hard at all. Simple and easy to use i like it much better than the much larger self-propelled snow blowers. It’s a tad over priced here, i got mine for $399 at another store. It comes fully assembled just add 5w-30 and gas and in not time you’ll be done.