Dell Latitude Z Business Laptop

Wed, Sep 30, 2009


As far as business laptop computers go I am pretty sure that you wont find many that can compete with the Dell Latitude Z600 laptop in the looks or feature departments. One of the most impressive Latitude Z features is the inductive charging pad that allows you to charge your laptop without any need for a single wire! Other cool additions include the quick boot environment that allows you to check your email without having to boot up your machine and the FaceAware system uses your web cam to know when you leave and it automatically locks your laptop.

Dell Latitude Z

The Z600 uses Intel’s new CULV processors, which helped Dell get the notebook’s thickness down to half an inch and its weight down to 4.5 pounds, despite its 16″ screen size. Being a business portable, it also comes with a full complement of ports, including Ethernet, eSATA, and DisplayPort.

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Dell Latitude Z

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