Jabulani 2010 FIFA World Cup House : Melbourne Australia

Sun, Jun 27, 2010


Adam Santarossa will be getting $2600 to watch all the 2010 FIFA World Cup matches inside a giant football in Melbourne, Australia. The only thing Adam needs to do during the month long tournament is watch football, tweet and write blogs inside the 20 foot (six meter) diameter Jabulani ball.

Jabulani House

Adam has a well-stocked fridge at any given time, bunk bed, PlayStation 3, and a laptop. Along with the prize money, he will also receive contents of the ball and three bags full of sports gear. “I had a bit of trouble at the start — it’s a bit difficult having people peer in through the windows 24-seven,” he said. “But it’s a pretty easy life. I’m going to be seeing if they can extend my lease.”

How cool is that!

Jabulani House

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