Ecozoom Dura Outdoor Stove : Portable Outdoor Stoves

Sun, Jul 13, 2014


The EcoZoom Zoom Dura Stove is ideal for someone looking for the feeling of an open fire kitchen and the convenience of an home stove combining a portable wood fire and a stable stove surface. The insulated body and metal liner help to improve the efficiency of your combustion, letting you make the most out of your heat source. Its cast-iron surface provides plenty of strength, even with heavy pots and pans, while giving you plenty of stability to cook up some serious camp meals.

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Ecozoom Rocket Stove details:

  • Super High Efficiency Portable Cooking Stove
  • Great For The Outdoors And Camping As Well As General Emergency Preparedness
  • Fully Insulated Bod and Refractory Metal Lined Combustion Chamber Transfers The Maximum Amount Of Heat To Your Pots & Pans
  • Uses Wood & Biomass (No Gas or Propane Necessary)
  • Durable Three-Pronged Cast Iron Top & Study Steel Handles With Silicone Grips Keep Handles Cool With Stove Is Hot
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