Digital Sports : Hit for Six and Score

Tue, Jun 5, 2012


Participate and 1 of 10 iPad 3s could be yours

Deloitte invites you to participate in its latest survey on digital sports content.

The Hit for Six survey will run for three weeks from 5 – 25 June, and asks questions around what sports content you most desire, and which platforms you prefer to receive it through. To thank you for your participation, 10 iPad 3s are being given away, just for completing this short and easy survey!

Currently, there is very little data available on how digital sports content is consumed. This survey will help give us more information on the following elements:

  • What sports you are most enthusiastic about
  • What type of digital content you find the most interesting
  • What channel or platform you would like to consume this digital content through
  • How you would prefer to pay for the different types of content

The survey can be completed via a website or a mobi-site.

Click here, complete and score! #Hitfor6



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