Reebok Bacon Debuts at the 2014 Crossfit Games

Wed, Jul 30, 2014


As if bacon isn’t good enough, now Reebok brings us sports bacon! In a bold move Reebok is attempting to win over the hearts and minds of the sporting public with their latest endeavour which is sure the win over even the greatest skeptics.


Executive creative director at Venables Bell & Partners, Will McGinness, who helped create this project says, “Reebok wanted to engage with the CrossFit community in an authentic, memorable way. The CrossFit community loves bacon. They eat it. They talk about it. Some even wear clothes featuring it. We wanted to embrace the love of bacon and build something fun for the community, while remaining authentic to its spirit.”

Details to follow on how to get your grubby paws on some of this deliciousness!

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