District 9 Movie Trailer by Neill Blomkamp

Wed, May 6, 2009


District 9 in South Africa has become a haven for refugees from outer space. District 9 can be seen as one of the worst slum areas in South Africa in real life. The film is  produced by Peter Jackson and directed by South African director Neill Blomkamp in his directorial debut.

Neill Blomkamp is a talented young director from Johannesburg South Africa who was first spotted for his work on the transforming robot commercial for Renault. Blomkamp enjoys employing a documentary-style, hand-held, cinéma vérité technique, blending seamlessly with naturalistic and photo-realistic computer-generated imagery effects.

Neill also  directed a series of three short films set in the Halo universe and was hired to direct the movie adaptation of the series before financial problems forced the project to be indefinitely postponed. In 2008 he won the Cannes Lions 2008 – Film Lions- Grand Prix for the HALO “combat” web commercial.

Well, that’s enough on Neill Blomkamp. Please view the trailer below:

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