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Sun, Jul 10, 2011

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The Ecco Biom B 2.2 running shoe takes on the complex structure of the foot, evolved to allow efficient running on soft ground, not pavement. In this modern world when youre running on hard surfaces, Biom offers a natural, barefoot running feeling without hurting your feet. Not only is it comfortable, its pleasurable. Its like running on sand. Because Biom makes you use your feet and leg muscles differently, the body will need to undergo a transition phase to re-learn how to stabilize itself and move efficiently.

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This re-learning takes an average of six weeks.A revolutionary trainer for the fitness runner, the Ecco Men’s Biom B 2.2 Running Shoe allows you to run as nature intended. With a low profile sole for a natural and dynamic feel, Biom technology brings the foot closer to the ground for enhanced stability and control.

The minimalistic midsole and upper provide just the right amount of protection and support while the polyurethane midsole allows for flexibility and durability. The lightest and most minimal within the running collection, the Ecco Biom B 2.2 Running Shoe for men delivers a smooth heel rolling and transition phase to help you develop a more natural running style.

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