Jägermeister Bottle and Shot Cooler

Sun, Aug 30, 2009


Jagermeister Cooler

Jägermeister must definitely be one of the most frequently enjoyed alcoholic drinks at the moment and this will certainly be the dream of each and every college student around the world.

The 6 Bottle Jägermeister and shot cooler has place for 6 bottles of Jägermeister, ice and several cans of red bull to create a small army of Jägerbombs. The best feature of all is the fact that it has an external tap that delivers ice cold shots straight from the bottle to the tot.

Get yours from Jägermeister.com today for $120.


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One Response to “Jägermeister Bottle and Shot Cooler”

  1. estella Says:

    Jagermeister Bottle and Shot Cooler – where can I buy one for my pub in Worcester – SA