Hangover Cures by Ben Reed

Sun, Jan 3, 2010


Hangover Cures

Seeing that one of the years biggest drinking seasons have just left, I think it quite fitting to mention a great book full of Hangover Cures so that you can get it in time for this year’s holidays. Although no one has been able to find that one little pill, that one little piece of advice to completely say goodbye to the common hangover.

Ben Reed has however come up with a pretty good guide to hangovers and “hangover cures”, he explains why we get hangovers, how to avoid them, and provides recipes to alleviate the pain. Try the Corpse Reviver or a Bloody Mary to take the edge off your hangover or, for a healthier option, replace lost nutrients with a juice drink such as the Liver Recovery. With cures from around the world, expert advice and reviving recipes, this book will ease the suffering of the morning after the night before.

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