Shipping containers as home furniture – Great idea

Fri, Dec 12, 2008


Shipping Container as Furniture

Well, that was the idea talented designer Sandra Mulder had and from seeing them, it was a brilliant one. I love the colors and the rugged urban feel they bring to a room, I do however doubt that these guys will easily fit into the average apartment. One thing is for certain though, they are cool.

In Sandra’s own words – In a few decades our whole world economy has become reliant on the containerization of our supply lines. Known the world over for its indestructible appearance and boxy look, the shipping container is one of the best known industrial archetypes. This modular storage system is inspired by the wonderful color mosaics that sprout to life in every harbor and container terminal the world around. The individual pieces can be stacked, tilted and rotated around in endless (color-) combinations, to create your personal container terminal for all domestic storage uses.

Click here to find out more.

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7 Responses to “Shipping containers as home furniture – Great idea”

  1. Container Sales Australia Says:

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    Your Blog is More informatics and interesting.great work.

  2. Sue | Design Says:

    This a very novel idea, but I think you would need the space to use these but I think the would useful maybe in a child’s room or even in a creative office.

    Nice post and site. I have just come across here and will be coming back soon.

  3. Bed Bed Says:

    Very fresh idea. And these containers are tornado safe :)

  4. LivingRoom Says:

    Very interesting article. Will use it for my furniture research.

  5. mario Says:

    not sure about the great idea when it comes to move them…the corten steel is pretty hevy…have fun…

  6. Sandy Says:

    Good idea to come up with, but yeah moving them can be a problem.