Human Dolls by Alex Sandwell Kliszynski

Mon, Dec 22, 2008


Human Dolls - Alex Sandwell Kliszynski

Wow, every now and then I come across a piece of art or someone’s that uses a specific style or just a line of thinking that makes you think: “Geesh this guy is creative”. Well that’s exactly what Alex Sabdwell Kliszynski did for me with his “Human Dolls”. He took a pretty good idea and made it amazing with superb design execution.

Human Dolls

Alex is a wedding photgrapher with a twist…when asked about his work, he had this to say:

My work deals with aesthetic, personal and social themes. Recently I have been exploring, amongst other subjects, notions of sexual fantasy and the objectification of the body.

Well,ever which way you look at it. Great work Alex, would love to see some more of these!

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