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SolidRun HummingBoard Mini Computer

5. July 2014

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The SolidRun HummingBoard is available in three different versions which are priced from $45 rising to $100 and are equipped with faster processors than that of the Raspberry Pi mini PC. Whilst there are 2 other options in the HummingBoard stable, the premier model $100 HummingBoard-i2eX version is equipped with a Gigabit Ethernet connection as well as […]

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Samsung Series 3 Chromebox : Samsung Chromebox

21. October 2012

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The web-optimized Samsung Chromebox Series 3 desktop computer allows users to go straight online and create content, share favorite moments, and enjoy entertainment at the drop of a hat. One of the increaduble Chromebox features allows it to boot and start up in 1 second. Chromebox features a streamlined user interface, all apps, documents, and […]

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Alienware X51 Gaming PC : HD Gaming Computer

21. January 2012

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Dell’s Alienware™ X51 offers powerful digital entertainment, customization options and upgrade ability to fit any pocket and appetite. With a 3D Mark Vantage Performance Overall Score of up to 15,3103 and a PC Mark Vantage Overall Score of up to 10,5314, Alienware X51 is a system that’s ready to help you face the challenge. This […]

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