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Google does NOT consider Keywords & Meta Tags – Matt Cutts

21. September 2009

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Although there has been millions of conversations around the blogoshere and the internet in general on whether keywords and meta tags play a big role in search engine rankings, Google’s very own Matt Cutts just blasted all those theories out the water with the OFFICIAL word that Google does not take Keywords and Meta Tags […]

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Beginner SEO Tips from Network Solutions

23. March 2009


I know that this is a pretty old video and very elementary, but I’d say this is one of the best explanations that you can give someone that inquires about SEO. People ask me on a regular basis what the secret or the aim of Search Engine Optimization is and this sums it up quite […]

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Matt Cutts on Keywords inside your website URLs

18. March 2009

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I just found this very interesting video on Search Engine Land. Matt Cutts, Google’s resident SEO guru answers the question that keeps most of us pondering and scratching our heads to gain the competitive advantage. Does the Keywords and their order inside your Url’s have any effect on search engine rankings? Here is Matt’s replies […]

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Comment Spam – The guilty party

19. January 2009

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This is going to be a little bit of a rant and vent session as I am like most of you also tired and irritated by people and companies who use or try to use comment spam as a form of SEO or internet marketing. This morning I received another whopper on my post regarding […]

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XML Sitemaps – Why your website needs one

3. November 2008


When talking about search engine sitemaps I am referring to the XML sitemaps most of us have come to know so well. XML sitemaps are not just pages with links like the normal html sitemaps which are also commonly used. An XML sitemap aka search engine sitemap is a document with links to all the […]

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