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Deloitte Virtual Event – CEOs Unlock the Talent Formula

21. October 2010

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Access the Deloitte virtual as they put some of the top CEOs under the microscope and learn how they have unlocked the the talent formula to superior business and financial performance. Find out more…

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Roger Federer Tennis Trickshot

25. August 2010

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Roger Federer is and will most probably be the greatest tennis player to have ever graced this earth, so it wouldn’t be too far fetched to believe him doing amazing things with a ball and racket. Watch this video below and tell me what you think, real or fake?

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Star Wars™ Cantina 2010 : Adidas Originals

17. June 2010

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Adidas Originals and renowned Sid Lee brings us yet another masterpiece, this time it is a remake of the famous Star Wars Cantina scene for their current World Cup ad campaign. The latest Adidas video features some A-list celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Noel Gallagher, Ciara, David Beckham, Ian Brown and more. Enjoy.

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Cesviamo Giant Condom Aids Awareness Campaign – Condom Mob

5. January 2010

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This gigantic condom was erected, hehe excuse the pun to increase aids awareness and to give the social network site called cesviamo a good heap of pr. The campaign was done by Italian Design and Marketing Agency NowAvailable. Find out more on the campaign and see the video of how they crammed in 223 into […]

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History of Johnny Walker

29. October 2009

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I saw this commercial or viral video if you will from Johnny Walker a while ago and just forgot to re-post it. The video is brilliant, it features Robert Carlisle walking through the hills of Scotland telling the story of Johnny Walker, the most amazing thing is that apparently the whole 5 minute video was […]

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ZombieLand Rule #15 – Bowling Ball for Massive Head Trauma

13. August 2009

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Ever wondered how to kill Zombies that’s less bloody than conventional methods? Well, the guys from the upcoming Zombieland movie tells us how with rule #15 in one of the movie’s viral videos. Take a look below:

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Top 25 Most Popular Twitter Users Based on Followers

3. June 2009

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We all know about the power of Twitter and the amazing things that Ashton Kutcher’s achieved via Twitter, but who are the other front runners based on followers? See the Top 25 Most Popular Twitter users based on followers as on 3 June 2009 below: # Name Image Follow Followers 1. Ashton Kutcher Aplusk 2,000,016 […]

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Samsung N310 Netbook Viral Marketing

23. May 2009

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This is so cool, a little viral video on the new range of Samsung Netbooks, this model being the Samung N310. The video shows two little hologram characters showcasing the netbook‘s capabitlites including email, multimedia, internet and then how it is able to multi-task. Really well done, keep it up Samsung! Please view the video […]

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Cadbury’s Gorilla Wonderbra Parody

17. April 2009


Ok ok, I know this one is a little quick-fire on top of the other, but bear with me. I just posted an article on the Cadbury’s Drumming Gorilla advertising campaign and now I have the saucier version for you. The Wonderbra Parody, yes indeed. An unlikely culprit for a remake, but interesting nonetheless. The […]

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Cadbury’s Drumming Gorilla – SA far behind

17. April 2009


Ok, so I don’t watch all the much TV, but as far as I know this ad was launched on South African screens a very short time ago. It as advertised a glass and a half full production and sees a Gorilla paying drums to Phil Collins‘ “In the Air tonight”. The advert is brilliantly […]

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