The Zimbabwean – 1 Trillion Dollar Ad Campaign

Thu, Apr 2, 2009


Trillion Dollar Ad Campaign

I find this latest advertising campaign by The Zimbabwean quite clever and at the same time very disturbing. Living in South Africa we are pretty close to all of the things that are happening under Robert Mugabe and the suffering that Zimbabwe’s people are having to endure. I don’t have true numbers in front of me, by I am sure thousands upon thousands of Zimbabweans are flooding to South Africa to escape from the things in their homeland.

Trillion Dollaar Zimbabwean Ad Campaign

The Zimbabwean which calls itself “The voice for the voiceless” has now come up with this ad campaign to make people aware of what’s happening and of the total collapse that has unfolded in Zimbabwe.

The slogans printed on real Zimbabwean dollars include: “Fight the regime that has crippled a country” and “Thanks to Mugabe this money is wallpaper”.

Find out more on this campaign on the Zimbabwean’s Flickr page.


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