Cadbury’s Gorilla Wonderbra Parody

Fri, Apr 17, 2009

Advertising, Viral Marketing

Ok ok, I know this one is a little quick-fire on top of the other, but bear with me.

I just posted an article on the Cadbury’s Drumming Gorilla advertising campaign and now I have the saucier version for you. The Wonderbra Parody, yes indeed. An unlikely culprit for a remake, but interesting nonetheless. The Wonderbra parody stars singer and model Jentina Chapman playing drums in her sensational Wonderbra to In the Air tonight by Phil Collins.


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4 Responses to “Cadbury’s Gorilla Wonderbra Parody”

  1. Arné Says:

    HAHA, now this is GOOD!

  2. 6000 Says:


    I’m off to buy some chocolate and a Wonderbra.

    Oh – and did a gorilla cut her fringe?
    (Not that I was looking at her fringe once she started drumming)…

  3. admin Says:

    Had the same problem.
    I couldn’t keep my eyes off her fringe…

  4. LingerieGirl Says:

    This is ad is insane!

    It does leave you scratching your head as to what the connection between Chocolate, Gorillas, Phil Collins and (now) Wonderbra could be???!!!!